The Forest of Evergreen (Volume 1) - Teresa May B. Bandiola

Get ready to go on an adventure in Lost in the Wilderness. The author's writing is heartfelt and captivating. Travel with Sophia on a spiritual and emotional journey as she deals with the past, loss, and trying to figure it all out. Teresa's characters are well written and it is easy to tell their mannerisms by the way she writes their dialogue. The fantasy elements are beautiful to read!

I absolutely love this cover! And it is definitely a book that the cover is just as beautiful as what is written inside. This author is one to watch!- Sandy



Indeed a page-turner story. It took me quite awhile to start reading the book (due to busy schedule) but I finished it in about 9 hours. It was beautifully written and was well-narrated. The characters were clearly portrayed (especially Sophia). I was also amazed of how Ms. Tere put a spice of ancient Filipino culture on it. I am so thrilled of what may happen next. Can't wait for the Book 2! I'm going to be one of its first buyers, for sure!